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In honor of “I’m bossy!” I revised my “Golden Child” poem

Posted By Gail Ostrow on April 22nd, 2014

I must have been born willful,
strong, independent
maybe defiant
looking like my Dad
such a disappointment

How else to explain
the beating down
the not encouraging
the relegation to
Jewish Cinderella

Clean the house
cook the dinner
wash the dishes
take care of my brother
and then my sister

who was the golden child
blond curly hair
just beautiful
loving, like the doll
my mother wanted the first time

My brother cowered
when they hit him
I hit back and ran away
even in my sleep
I was always running away

At night, in the summer,
in the Catskills,
they nailed the windows shut
and locked the door, but
I still ran down the country roads

Away from them
toward my own
willful, strong,
maybe defiant, self!

© Gail Ostrow, revised 2014


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