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Gail’s Guide to Going to the Hospital

This guide is intended to help you organize your medical information at home and be as prepared as anyone can be for a medical emergency or elective surgery. It is filled with information gleaned over a lifetime of medical experiences and vetted by my sister, who is a Nurse Practitioner, my brother, who is a Physician, and my husband, who was most recently a patient and whose experience inspired this guide. This does not mean that everything in it is pertinent for all possible medical situations, but you will at least be forewarned and forearmed if you have to go to a hospital.

Most importantly, this guide is intended to empower you with knowledge. I hope you will read it through at least once before you need it, and that you will send comments and suggestions to me so that I can keep it accurate and updated.

And may you never need this!

Gail Ostrow