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Favorite Resources

Here is my ongoing list of favorite places to find answers to life’s burning questions…

I absolutely love and depend upon libraries.  In addition to having all the books I want to read, they have computers, computer classes, workshops, job resources, book groups, meeting rooms, and just about anything you can think of that you might need to enhance your life.

I am using the site librarything.com to search for and post recommended books on my blog.  Check it out.

Do you ever need the exact time for any time zone? Click here.

Find a zip code?  Click here.

How about writing to your Congressman? Click here for the Congressional Directory.

How about writing to your Senator?  Click here for the Senate Directory.

To create a wallet Medical ID card.  Click here.

For Cancer Information Service.  Click here.

Find treatment for breast cancer without health insurance.  Click  here.

Information about spirituality in many different faiths, including a questionnaire that will tell you  to which faith your beliefs and values most relate. Click here to begin exploring.