Welcome to Ask Gail – a place to share questions and answers about what matters to us most: family, friends, community, health, peace, books, favorite resources, what feeds our soul… Ask Gail is also where we can create and share very important information like “Gail’s Guide to Going to the Hospital” and “Gail’s Storm Checklist.” Stay tuned for more…


About Gail


I am a collector of people and ideas and information. When I was a kid, I would go to the library for an assignment and hours later I would be 10 stacks over totally absorbed in a topic I hadn’t thought much about before that day. As an adult, I used to joke that I was the founder of “tangents anonymous!”

I am also a connector–I have always looked for the connections between ideas and people. How does this relate to that? What came before this? What comes next? Who needs to know this?

Being both curious and outgoing by nature, finding and then sharing stuff with a lot of people is pretty close to heaven for me.

Creating a community where we can do this together is both exciting and satisfying. I can’t imagine doing this alone…so here we are!